M i j u . C . M o i d u
tn 43 founder

Chairman of TN43 - Chain of Restaurants!

Morticative and a well-advanced businessman who enjoys bringing innovative business ideas to reality. Passionate about learning and also, strong desire to teach and mentor others.


Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb ur Rahman)

Statement of Hard work, dedication and consistency

Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb ur Rahman), one of India's most prominent and long-standing businessmen and founder and president of the TN43 restaurant chain, is the first person in India to have run a private tourist train. Graduated in 1990, Mr. Mujeeb ur Rahman continued his father's profession as a vegetable wholesaler; However, with this dedication and passion to achieve something new, he expanded his ideas to a brand and started the TN43 chain of restaurants serving a wide variety of foods throughout Tamilnadu.

tn 43 restaurant owner name
tn 43 cafe and restaurant managing director

Brief Journey to success

"From a Wholesaler to the founder of TN43"

No one could ever imagine a regular middle class boy running for his daily vegas would accomplish a mighty task and grow up to be a self made man. The same person who has received profound appreciation for unique initiatives.

Mujeeb ur Rahman, hails from a middle class family living in a small town. Unlike other childrens at his age Mujeeb ur Rahman had a strong vision of becoming a successful entrepreneur and was always fascinated about business. He graduated in the year 1990 and started his business journey continuing his father's profession as a vegetable wholesaler in the year 1994.



Become first ever person in kerala to export from kochi to Dubai.


Introduced First Ever bike taxi service called “Top Gear Bike Taxi”


Owns around 42 hospitals and labs in India.


Proud channel partner of Bharti Airtel.


Proud founder and Chairman of TN43 chain of restaurants.


Only person in India who had executed a private tourist train - TN43 charter train.

tn 43 cafe & restaurant proprietor

"Positivity is the best way to sustainable success"

Over a short period of time, he started to extend his wholesale business to foreign exports. He was the first person to export from Kochi to Dubai in Kerala. Out of his true love for achieving something new, he introduced the concept of a bike rental service. In 2000, he owned 25 bikes and began renting a bike. In 2003, we started India's first ever “Top Gear Bike Taxi”.

He once owned a shoe brand and later sold it to a leading group. He wanted to expand his business to the medical field, as it was Mr. Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb ur Rahman)'s dream for his father to pursue medicine. He invested in his first diagnostic center called "Asian Diagnostics" in Bangalore. Today, He operates 42 branches of hospitals and world-class diagnostic laboratories in India.

Besides making a successful company, he was the first person to launch the Jio Store and the one who coined the store name "My Jio" which was a great success for Reliance. Mr. Ambani tweeted about this revolutionary concept. Mr. Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb ur Rahman) is Airtel's largest channel partner in Bangalore and has also been with Aircel.

In addition to all the other business ideas, Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb ur Rahman) had a vision of building a stand brand in Tamil Nadu, and his vision started to take shape in 2016. With years of struggle and suffering, the TN43 chain of restaurants began as the first phase of his dream. Today, TN43 is one of the biggest players in the food chain industry.

Difficult road lead to beautiful destination

Struggles faced by “Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb ur Rahman)”

Like every other trip, the initial stages of Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb ur Rahman) were also daunting. He was alone at the very beginning of his journey. He only controlled the company. His wife was the greatest supporter of him in his difficult times. Not all good journeys are easy, Mr. Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb ur Rahman) was faced with many failures during his initial stage. His first hotel in Kotagiri was sealed because of a commercial license problem that he did not expect to happen back then. He has invested about 50L for the sector. Owing to the immense loss, he was forced to bear the burden of repaying the loans and taking care of the family.

Besides enduring a great loss, he never gave up his hopes and dreams. He converted every aspect of his failure into a stone's throw, and Later, he started 10 hotels in a row with 500+ workers, who advanced quickly and proved his true potential.


TN43 Restaurant

TN43 has steadily gained recognition over the years, being one of the leading brands in the supply chain. The accolades that TN43 has earned over the years are a steadily increasing toll. But, like all the great businesses, the heart of the business is founded around the values and ideas of an inherently curious individual. The founder, Miju.C.Moidu (Mujeeb ur Rahman), had a novel concept that had no intention of entrepreneurship.